Why Power Washing Commercial Facilities is Essential

Why Power Washing Commercial Facilities is Essential

Over time, commercial facilities become dirty due to many factors. These include storms, foot traffic, harsh climate, and much more. Power washing allows you to keep these buildings in pristine condition. It is more of a maintenance activity that prolongs the roof, parking lot, and landscaping life expectancy. For these reasons, power washing commercial facilities is quite essential.

So, why is Power Washing Commercial Buildings Necessary?

Commercial facilities are subject to deterioration. They serve hundreds or thousands of people each day, and there is barely enough time to clean them. Hiring regular cleaners with basic equipment works in the short term. Nonetheless, this strategy does not address some areas that need looking after.

For instance, you will hardly see the cleaning company washing the roof or maintaining the walkways. Most of those that attempt to do it is not thorough. And this is where power washing services come in handy.

What is Power Washing?

Power washing is simply the use of pressure washers to remove dirt from various areas of a property. The cleaners depend on special and powerful pressure washing machines to clean these sections. Professional cleaners use different methods of cleaning. The dirty surface usually dictates the degree of pressure that they will employ.

What are the different types of power washing?

There are different types of power washing. These include:

Pressure Washing

During pressure washing, the professionals will use hot water on the surfaces. They use this technique for deep cleaning areas such as:

  • Parking lots
  • Parking garage
  • Pool deck
  • Entryways
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks

Soft Washing

Unlike pressure washing, soft washing revolves around low-pressure power washing. It is an excellent solution for delicate surfaces such as:

  • Storefront washing
  • Roof cleaning
  • House washing

Power Washing

Power washing combines both soft washing and pressure washing to clean commercial facilities. This makes it one of the most effective cleaning methods for both the interiors and exteriors of a building.

Who needs Power Washing?

Everyone with a commercial property or home could benefit from power washing. Additionally, hospitals, schools, and other public facilities need power cleaning.

After How Long Do You Require Power Washing for your Commercial Facility?

It depends on the prevailing weather conditions and foot traffic. The rule of thumb is to power-wash your property at least every six months. The ultimate objective is to minimize your facility’s rate of deterioration.

Benefits of Commercial Power Washing

Commercial power washing comes with a myriad of benefits. These include:

Improving the Overall Appeal of your Commercial Building

Most tenants are drawn to the cleanliness of a building. If a property looks dirty, it will probably not attract the kind of clients or tenants you want. Over time, it will only get worse. Power washing is a method that improves the curb appeal of your property. Besides that, it can also make your interiors look fresh and crisp.

Preserves the Value of Property

It can depreciate quickly when you don’t clean your commercial building thoroughly. And when this happens, your property begins to look old. Its value also depreciates. Regular power washing sessions ensure that the building remains in good condition. So long as it is desirable to the residents, potential buyers would be willing to pay you handsomely.

Improves Health

A dirty environment is a breeding ground for many disease-causing microorganisms. Additionally, algae and mildew can quickly grow on poorly entailed exteriors. Allergens are health hazards that cause respiratory infections and so on. Power washing commercial facilities can help keep both the exterior and interiors of your building healthy.

Power washing is not something that every cleaner can do. If you feel that a commercial facility is filthy, hiring the right professionals will be vital in achieving the desired outcome.


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