Can I Pressure Wash That? What Surfaces are Safe?

Can I Pressure Wash That? What Surfaces are Safe?

When it comes to thoroughly cleaning a wide range of surfaces, pressure washing is an excellent and efficient option. Increasing your home’s market value and aesthetic appeal is possible by keeping it clean and well-maintained. Many people enjoy the process because they can see the results immediately. Whether it’s removing dirt from your driveway or removing paint that has leaked, pressure washing can produce results that make surfaces look as if they’ve never been used before.

One must keep in mind that a pressure washer isn’t appropriate for cleaning every surface because the tool’s power can damage some types of materials. If you plan to pressure wash somewhere on your property, consider the following list of surfaces that are safe to clean with the device.

What surfaces are safe?

Sidewalks and Driveways

At some point, your driveway will be stained with oil or other fluids, which can negatively impact the appearance of your home. Fortunately, pressure washers can be used to remove the stains and bring the driveway or walkway back to its former glory. Smaller areas are typically treated with a pencil nozzle, while larger ones are treated with a rotary nozzle. The front of your house may appear dirty due to dirt deposited on walkways by rainwater carrying lawn sediment with it. Cleaning up the sidewalk in front of your house with a pressure washer can make it look new once again. Power washing your driveway or walkway before sealing is always a good idea.

Patios and Decks

Mildew, mold, and algae can accumulate over time on wood decks and patios, even if the wood has been treated. Your deck’s shaded location is especially important, as sunlight is often filtered or diverted elsewhere. When used in conjunction with a cleaner designed specifically for wood surfaces, pressure washing can help you remove dirt and stains. Re-sealing it with a suitable sealant after cleaning it will provide additional protection.

Brick and Concrete

In general, concrete and brick exteriors can be power washed and handle some of the most powerful settings on a pressure washer, which means they can be cleaned more thoroughly than other surfaces. Some brick surfaces can crumble over time, so be aware of this if you have brick on the exterior of your home that needs to be cleaned with a power washer. When possible, you want to keep the old brick from being damaged further.


Any building’s exterior walls are constantly at risk of being damaged by the elements. There is a risk to those living in the building if this is left unchecked and harmful substances accumulate on the surface, causing respiratory problems. Cleaning your siding of spiderwebs, insect nests, and mildew growth every one to three years will keep it looking new and prevent further damage. Pressure washing can remove mold, mildew, and algae stains, but it’s important to consider the type of siding you have when doing so. Pressure washing is safe for the following siding types:

  • Fiberglass
  • Cement
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Aluminum


In this case, the design of your roof and the type of gutters you’ve installed will play a large role. Instead of using a hard spray to clean out the gutters, use a soft stream to avoid damaging your roof’s shingles, and never pressure wash your roof itself. If your roof is looking dingy, consider having it professionally soft-washed. Power washing your gutters is more difficult and requires more attention, but if you must, use a gentle setting and avoid aiming the water into areas where it could enter your attic. Professionals should perform this type of pressure washing.

Safety Tips

When using the machine, keep in mind that a lot of water is sprayed out quickly through a small opening, which could lead to an accident if you don’t know how to use it properly. A softer spray may be required for cleaning gutters or wooden surfaces, whereas a more powerful pressure may be required for concrete or brick surfaces. The nozzle can also be damaged if held at an incorrect angle or too close to the surface. If a pressure washer is misused, it can cause more harm than just surface stains; it can cause injury. Alternatively, you can turn to the professionals at NDM Pro Services LLC for assistance.

Even though many hardware stores rent out pressure washing equipment, it is generally a good idea to use a professional cleaning service. Hiring a professional allows you to avoid many of the blunders made by inexperienced cleaners and ensure that the cleaned areas are free of damage. Driveway and concrete cleaning, gutter cleaning, cleaning of brick and deck cleaning, fence cleaning, and soft wash house cleaning are all services that NDM Pro Services LLC can provide. Visit our website now to learn more about our cleaning options and make an appointment.


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