Reasons to Power Wash Your Home Before Putting It On the Market

Reasons to Power Wash Your Home Before Putting It On the Market

First impressions have always been a determining factor in how we perceive other people and things. When it comes to listing your property on the market for sale, you get only one chance to leave a good first impression. More importantly, one chance to convince prospective buyers that your property is where they need to invest their money.

Reasons to Power Wash Before Listing for Sale

You can do a lot of around-the-house projects to catch the eye of people looking to buy a new home, and one of the best is to power wash the house.

Increase Curb Appeal

There are probably more than a few homes like yours for sale in the vicinity. As prospective buyers start looking around, they will usually start by contacting a realtor. The first thing a realtor will do is look at all of the available properties in the area. Their recommendations will be made according to several factors.

Two of the most pertinent factors are the condition and appeal of your home. This is why you want your home to have ultimate curb appeal, and there’s no better way to update its appeal than by having it pressure washed.

Save Money and Increase Value

Another significant advantage to pressure washing your home is that it saves you from having to replace the entire exterior. If the outside of your home doesn’t look the best, you may be tempted to replace the brick or vinyl.

But did you know that you can save thousands of dollars by simply having it pressure washed? This allows you to better allocate your money toward other home projects that can increase its overall value and likelihood of selling.

Improve the Appeal of the Entire Property

A professional pressure washing company with the correct equipment and skillset can help you with pressure washing services that go beyond simply washing the exterior walls of your home. Many of today’s professional pressure washing businesses offer other cleaning services, such as ones that can improve the looks of your properties:

– Patios
– Roof
– Decks
– Sidewalks
– Gutters
– Driveways

Makes the Selling and Inspection Processes Easier

When you sell your house, it will have to go through an inspection process. It will also go through an appraisal process, both of which processes will impact the overall selling price. Why? Because banks and lenders want to know that they are lending money to a buyer who is buying a property worth lending the money for.

If you have the home pressure washed before the inspection processes, it makes it much easier for the inspector to finish the inspection quickly and in your favor.

Increases Natural Lighting

Did your home have a lot of natural light coming through the windows at one time? Is that natural light now somewhat blocked because of dirty windows? If so, that’s perfectly understandable.

Over time, a lot of dirt and grime accumulate on your windows. Pressure washing the windows is the easiest way to get them clean. After they are washed, you’ll have lots more natural light coming through and into the house. Experts say this will help a home sell quicker.

The Takeaway

Power washing your house along with any attached or unattached garages before listing the property on the market is a very smart choice. In fact, it’s one of the simplest, most budget-friendly, yet most powerful things you can do to help the property sell.

There are various forms of pressure washing. When it comes to pressure washing your house, you most likely will want to take advantage of soft wash pressure washing, as it tends to be one of the most effective ways to improve a home’s overall curb appeal.


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