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  Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.What is pressure washing and soft wash roof cleaning?

    A: Pressure washing is a form of cleaning that is just that, high pressure. This is usually left for concrete or other hard surfaces such as pavers, concrete walls, etc.

    A: Soft wash is under 80 psi and is used for roofs, house washing, lanai washing and more. For reference a typical garden hose at home put out about 50-60 psi. Your roof, if tile or metal can handle much more pressure but we let the chemicals do the work.

  • 2.What are the benefits of pressure washing and soft wash roof cleaning?

    A: Softwash in general is much gentler on surfaces

    A: Pressure washing is for those jobs where there is no risk of damage using such machine.

  • 3.How often should I get my property pressure washed or roof cleaned?

    A: Most commercial and residential customers get their home washed at least once per year. A typical roof cleaning should last a minimum of (2) years.

  • 4.Will pressure washing or soft wash roof cleaning damage my property?

    A: We take every precaution to keep property damage to a minimum. A minimum is stated because there are many times where the home has been neglected and mold eats paint off a home or starts to pit roof tiles, even paver driveways. 99% of the time no damage whatsoever occurs. We take special care when it comes to vegetation as it is the most vulnerable.

  • 5.Are your pressure washing and soft wash roof cleaning services environmentally friendly?

    A: We use many different cleaning methods and many environmentally friendly cleaning options.

  • 6.Do you use hot or cold water for pressure washing?

    A: We typically use cold water for residential, hot water is used on some commercial jobs when required.

  • 7.Can you pressure wash or soft wash roofs made of different materials?

    A: Yes, metal, tile, shingle, and more.

  • 8.Do you offer any guarantees or warranties for your pressure washing and roof cleaning services?

    A: Depending on cleaning, we offer a guarantee on sealing and Citrashield applications. Satisfaction guarantee-ALWAYS!

  • 9.How long does it take to pressure wash or soft wash a residential or commercial property?

    A: This all depends on the size of the property.

  • 10.Can you provide references from previous clients?

    A: Absolutely

  • 11.What kind of equipment do you use for pressure washing and soft wash roof cleaning?

    A: All equipment is gas powered, we always are upgrading our equipment to the best equipment for the job.

  • 12.Do you offer any additional services along with pressure washing and soft wash roof cleaning?

    A: We offer gutter cleaning, paver sealing, tile roof sealing whole house washing, lanai cleaning and zero pure window cleaning. If it’s outside, we can usually clean it.

  • 13.How do you price your pressure washing and soft wash roof cleaning services?

    A: Most jobs are priced by the square ft. There are times when jobs are priced on an hourly basis as well.

  • 14.Are you licensed and insured to provide pressure washing and roof cleaning services?

    A: Pressure washing is not regulated by the state of Florida, we have a business license registered with the state as well as liability insurance.

  • 15.Do you offer any maintenance plans for pressure washing and soft wash roof cleaning?

    A: Yes, we offer maintenance plans for Citrashield applications as well as monthly, quarterly and yearly plans that come with a discount.

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