About Us

We specialize in pressure washing that restores and maintains different commercial spaces to residential places; we have got them covered for you.

Pressure cleaning Cape Coral

Professional and Expert Roof Cleaning / Pressure Cleaning Contractor

Leave the pressure washing to the professionals. You don’t want to do it yourself then pay a hefty amount later on when the job was done improperly. Here at NDM Pro Services LLC., we provide a fast and trusted service anywhere in Cape Coral and any city nearby. Our team is equipped with all the necessary equipment and products needed for quality pressure washing results.

Our Core Values

We are committed to offering a reliable pressure washing service that provides quality results and 100% satisfaction.

NDM Pro Services LLC. is a family owned and operated business. We are fully licensed and insured. If it needs to be cleaned, we can get the job done!


We offer soft washing as well as pressure washing for commercial and residential properties. We spare no expense on cleaning products used on whatever the job may be. We DO NOT just spray pool chlorine on your drive or house and power wash it off! There is a wrong way and a right way for every solution.

Flexible Schedule

Our flexible hours can be in sync with yours. We can work around your schedule and make ourselves available whenever you prefer.

Affordable Package

We have several readily available packages to meet the needs of our clients without breaking their bank. You can surely find one that suits you best!

Special Offer

We always have pressure washing special offers available. We love making sure you and your home feel and look great!

Our Mission

We are committed to providing a high-quality pressure washing service at an affordable price. With our trained and skilled teams of experts, we will deliver an unparalleled result. We value the connection and bond that we have with our clients; thus, we always go out of our way to give 100% satisfactory pressure washing results.

Our Vision

We are always striving to develop our service, upgrading our products and equipment to offer a better service in the ever-changing world. By providing a top-notch pressure washing service, we aim to be one of the best pressure washing companies that people go to whenever they need a clean home or establishment.